CWW2019 - Conference on Wind Energy and Wildlife impacts - Stirling, Scotland
Published in 2019-07-08
ACHLI will be presenting a talk

The 5th Conference on Wind Energy and Wildlife Impacts (CWW) is taking place in Stirling, Scotland 27 - 30 August, 2019.

The CWW is an event that tackles how to solve the environmental impacts of wind farms. The event also encourages researchers, developers, consultants, regulators and stakeholders that have experience of finding solutions to these environmental concerns to work together and share knowledge. This promotes a collaborative approach to resolving the key issues faced at wind farms.


The conference will look at the impacts on species, habitats and ecosystems; how to approach and come up with solutions for these impacts through mitigation, habitat restoration and risk reduction; and what the future challenges and opportunities are for these new and changing environments. The themes are:

  • Species-specific responses

  • Cumulative impacts and assessment

  • Population-level and ecosystem effects

  • Mitigation technologies and design

  • Habitat restoration

  • Wind and wildlife in practice

  • Floating wind: opportunities and constraints

  • Reducing uncertainty

  • Socio-ecological constraints and benefits

  • Future wildlife challenges to renewable energy

  • Repowering: opportunities and constraints

  • Ecological implications of novel technology

  • Developing countries/emerging markets

  • Forward view: renewable energy in a climate changed environment



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ACHLI will be presenting a talk on "Habitat Management: Wind farms and the Iberian wolf in Portugal".

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