Forest Management

The primary goal of our “forest management” project is to establish, improve and manage forest lands, since these are an important component for wolf conservation and for its natural prey.

Forest management goals:

  • Increase vegetation biodiversity;
  • Increase forest land availability;
  • Conserve and recover native forest stands;
  • Protect against soil erosion;
  • Encourage maintenance and development of  small woodlands;
  • Preserve waterways and riparian vegetation;
  • Guarantee habitat mosaics;
  • Create refuge areas;
  • Reduce forest fire risks


These goals are fundamental to create well adapted forest lands to local ecological conditions, increasing in the medium-term, the availability of favorable habitat for wolves and their natural prey. 

Reforestation in Tangil, Monção
Reforestation in Tangil (Santo Antonio), Monção
Reforestation in Albergaria da Serra, Arouca
Forest Intervention plan - Vidoeiro, Arouca
Reforestation in Candal, São Pedro do Sul
Reforestation in Covelo de Paivô, Arouca
Reforestation in Sistelo, Arcos de Valdevez
Forest intervention plan - Abedim, Monção
Forest intervention plan - Monteiras, Castro Daire
Forest Intervention Plan - Costa do Menjoeiro, Sistelo, Arcos de Valdevez
Pilot project - Invasive plant management, Arga S.João, Caminha
Forest Intervention Plan - Gave, Melgaço
Forest intervention Plan - Castanheira, Paredes de Coura
Forest Intervention Plan - Peva, Moimenta da Beira
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